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Virtual Receptionist Services

There comes a point for most small businesses when they expand beyond their limits and need to start hiring administrative assistants.

The first of these will be a receptionist who can be your ‘front of shop’ while also taking calls, arranging meetings, solving problems and even finding new leads.

The problem is that a receptionist is expensive. And if you’re running a very small business you may not have the resources to start hiring. With a live virtual receptionist though, you can get all the same benefits at a fraction of the price. What’s more, we’ll be available around the clock, we’ll be able to take a much larger volume of calls and we’ll never call in sick! Instead of having one person working for you, you’ll have a whole team of experts behind the scenes helping to ensure you can really scale your business model!

Virtual Receptionist!
Need a Receptionist but Don’t Have the Resources?

So what can a live virtual receptionist service do for you? Of course we will answer all inbound calls, dealing with questions and provide great customer service wherever possible. If someone has a problem with their product or service, we’ll see if we can help them before they get through to you or your team. What’s more, we can also make calls and offer outbound call center services. This means we can carry out your telesales and telemarketing strategies, help you with promotions and even perform market research – all while you get on with the things that really matter to your business!

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After Working Day
Need to Offer Customer Care Outside the Working Day? Consider Your Own After Hour Virtual Receptionist

Another benefit of choosing a live virtual receptionist and outsourcing your customer service, is that you’ll be getting a more comprehensive service. We have a whole team of specialists all waiting to take your calls and perform administration and correspondence – and they’ll be available after hours. With an after hour virtual receptionist, you’ll be able to answer calls and take bookings from customers who can’t call during their working day.

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24/7 Service
Be Available for Your Customers All Day, Every Day With a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist

In fact, our services will be available around the clock, which is crucial if you hope to take your business global. No matter where they’re calling from or when, we can provide your clients and prospects with that virtual touch. And we think you’ll find that this makes all the difference!

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We mainly work with clients based in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Middle East – but we’re happy to work with anyone who needs our services! Don’t see the services you need listed? We can handle much more and are familiar with scheduling software, cloud based collaboration and more. We’re here at your disposal and can help to make your business run smoother and more easily in a hundred different ways. If you’d like to hear about more of our services and how we can help you to meet your goals, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat and give you a free no-obligation consultation.

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